LED light sculpture

For this project I made this Hue-controlled LED light sculpture, inspired by the REFLEKTION light art. The concept of the REFLEKTION light art was taken as the basis, and taken to the next level by implementing Hue-controllable LED light strips and automating its behavior.

Printeraction: The future of home manufacturing

This was my Master’s graduation project, in which I researched how movement-based interaction in combination with 3D printing could lead to personalized objects. This resulted in a 3D printer installation that enables the creation of personal, uniquely shaped objects through a subject’s physical movements.

DIY Jewellery

Together with fellow designer Meerthe Nelissen a concept for a product line was developed, based on our shared interest and expertise in wearable design and digital fabrication. This led to the creation of “DIY Jewellery”, which allows the user to create his/her own piece of jewellery by combining different parts. The parts used for this are made from different materials (plywood, perspex, and felt) and are shaped in such a way that they resemble the material it’s made from.