Sensual Dynamics


Prior to interaction, there is perception. Perception is intrinsically rising from one's actions and from what one senses. These are the ways one is connected to the world; acting is the way one impacts the world, sensing is the way one captures it. At this level, in direct contact with the world, there is no information, but energies. It are these energies that designers deal with when putting a new artefact in the world. This primacy of interaction was the main focus of this project.


An understanding about the senses and the use of their static and dynamic qualities in design was created through several assignments. A quality of one of the senses the basis for the final experiental, interactive design. This design invites a person to approach it by its movements; the closer one gets, the more the design invites one to go inside. When a person is inside, the design closes again. In this way a person is in a subtle way transferred from a public to private space.

Team project in cooperation with Georgio Campo, Lilly Chong, Marielle Coppes, Jeffrey Lemmens and Jordy Wubbels

Year 2011

Final experiental, interactive design

A person is entering the design

The person is covered