Blind Light


The aim of this explorative project was to find out what the use of light in the (near) future could be. Therefore people should be allowed to sense the various qualities of light. Inspired by nature the project got into the direction of 'the growth of light' and the use of light to increase the quality of something.


The outcome of this project is the beauty of the old. This is about the beauty that products can have when they age. The beauty of the old shows the beauty of wear on a floor in public space and let its quality grow through light. The more the material of the floor wears, the more light becomes visible. The increasing amount of visible light resembles the growth of light and the growth of the quality of the space. The material of the floor wears by the people walking on it. In this way people leave their traces and paths on the floor are created.

Individual project

Client: Open Light

Year 2011

Final prototype the beauty of the old

Material wear exploration

Light exploration