Aesthetic Reflection


This project introduced visual relationships of material form, proportion and surface definition that you experience through the making process. This is something that is individually unique for each person. It involves seeing how the making process influences our senses through the visual quality and pleasurable tangibility, or rather, how we 'see and feel' material objects around us. Several making and learning experiences illustrated how processes of continual practice can capture, record and refine our feelings and interactions, as an improving aesthetic that becomes embodied within the things we make. There changing observations were made explicit within the objects that were produced, being evaluated and compared to similar aesthetic forms.


he project started with drawing and abstracting the shape of a hand-held electronical product. Later on these drawings were translated into objects. By using real light and projections the forms and possible interactions of the objects were made clear.

Team project in cooperation with Martijn Kors and Rik Vegt

Year 2011

Light reflections on the object

Light projection on the object

One of the possible modular objects